Welcome to PBIS Rewards

The PBIS Acknowledgement Program is a web based data collection system for tracking acknowledgement slips students have received and teachers have handed out.  Ingham ISD has created this online data collection program, to be used by both students and staff, to input and track the positive feedback each student is receiving.  This system is designed so students can input their acknowledgement information and track it and school staff can monitor student/teacher data and make decisions based on the acknowledgement data.

The program uses computer generated, randomly chosen serial numbers placed on each acknowledgement slip. The school PBIS team will determine which specific data they will track, choosing from student name, student grade, what skill was acknowledged, date, time etc. The student uses the web based application found on the school’s website to input the random serial number and other information as chosen by the school’s PBIS Team.

The PBIS Team can generate data based on the fields required during input.  The team can then use this information to determine the quality and efficacy of their acknowledgement program and can more closely monitor who is receiving the acknowledgements.